Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Steven and I just celebrated our 9th Valentine's Day dinner and our last as an unmarried couple. Instead of going out, we continued our yearly tradition of dining quietly at home. Each year, we mix up the menu a bit but we always do ribeye for Steven and some kind of seafood for myself.

We started out the day with some wedding cake tasting.

Cake place #1

Cake place #2

For tasting #3, we ordered a cake from Macrina (they didn't offer the flavor we wanted as a cake sample, so we had to buy a whole cake), which we ended up using as our dessert.

After that, we went down to Pike Place to get some dinner ingredients.
A cooked crab and a half pound of "butt cheeks", the fishmonger's words, not mine.

And we fell madly in love with DeLaurenti all over again. Steven with the upstairs bar selection and I with yeast (I finally found SAF instant yeast after weeks of searching).

Multiple shelves of bitters and Pok Pok's drinking vinegar!

pan-seared ribeye with mt. townsend trufflestack cheese
halibut cheeks with hedgehog mushrooms and grapefruit beurre blanc
dungeness crab and dijon mashed yukon golds
pan seared brussel sprouts

manhattans/honey som and chambord spritzer

macrina's passion fruit cake

Next up: cleaning a crab

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Happy Valentine Day ~~~ =)

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