The NookMy name is Amy and welcome to my food blog.

I'm a student living in Seattle with my partner-in-crime Steven. I had a lot of spare time after graduating college so I taught myself how to cook armed with tips I picked up from watching cooking shows here and there.

I created this space in February 2007 primarily as a place to keep my recipes.

Why Nook & Pantry?
The nook serves as our dining, food prep, and study area. Our first pantry was a weathered bookcase with two shelves that was older than myself. We've since upgraded to something bigger to hold everything from the ordinary cocoa powder to the unusual wood ear fungus.

The Pantry
The Recipes
My bad habit is that I almost never follow a recipe exactly. Heck, sometimes I can't even follow my own recipes. The recipes you'll find here are either original creations, adaptations of an existing recipe, and a few family recipes.

You'll find that one thing I almost always change is the sugar content of baked goods. I'm hardly a health nut but I firmly believe that you can cut out a good portion of the sugar of baked goods recipes and you won't even miss it.

Contact Me
You can email me at nookandpantry(at)gmail(dot)com

Looking for More?
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The Pantry


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