Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Kitchen Toys Make Me Happy

Steven and I decided to do some shopping for our kitchen and purchased quite a few things, including: a Kapoosh knife block, Cuisinart ice cream maker, Forschner chef knife, Cuisinart nonstick skillet, and the piece de resistance – a Chefmate dutch oven.

The knife block is seriously cool. It’s adjustable with no premade slots so it’ll fit just about any knife. Since we buy our knives individually it’s been a real challenge trying to find one that will accommodate all of them particularly the Chinese cleaver but it fits in this block no problem.

I spent weeks looking for the Chefmate Dutch oven, calling numerous Target stores in my area and finally found one. It is the Cook’s Illustrated Best Buy that performed comparable to the Le Creuset for only a fraction of the price. Now I can stop cooking everything in our saucepan.

Armed with my new gorgeous Dutch oven, I set out to bake the no-knead bread sensation that swept the nation.

Hundreds if not thousands have blogged about Jim Lahey's No-Knead Bread so I won't bore everyone with the details but it did turn out very yummy.

Sam's no-knead bread
Third time's the charm for Clotilde
Bix's no-knead bread
Making no-knead bread video on Youtube


Wandering Chopsticks said...

I love my dutch oven too but it's just a regular Lodge cast iron one I got from Amazon for $20. I love my 2-quart tomato-shaped cast iron pot too. Use it all the time since it's perfect for two people. And now I've got such regrets for not buying an apple green-colored dutch oven that I saw at Marshall's for $40. Especially after seeing how well the enamel has held up on my tomato pot.

BTW, I've subbed 1 cup of wheat for white in the no-knead bread and it comes out wonderfully too.

Ruth Daniels said...

Nothing like kitchen toys to keep me smiling. I like them even better than shoes!

Amy said...

Hi WC,
I have a Lodge cast iron skillet and I love it. I've always wanted an enameled oven but Le Creuset was just way over my budget. The apple oven sounds too cute! I saw a heart oven on Amazon and thought it'd make an adorable no-knead bread, perfect for V-day. :)

Hi Ruth,
I love shoes (and clothes too) but I recently decided I'd rather have more kitchen toys - they're (usually) more functional. ;)


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